Design practice: Tank

Probably something triggered this idea to design a tank. Went through some tanks models as references , because I know nothing about tanks...
Silhouettes stage
Not sure the direction I want to proceed with...
Draft 1 w/ some details
Final w/ callout
Comments anyone?

Life Painting from Photos

Painting with reference

Caricatures: FZD-02 aka the7guys

My FZD buddies (the7guys)!
Behold... the 7 guys!
Had a good time drawing but a headache deciding their outfit. Like it?!

Caricatures: Ex-colleagues

Some of my ex-colleagues

7Guys Weekly Theme - Mount for Undead Sword Saint

Another continuation for Undead Sword Saint character at the7guys: Mount

Initial ideas include mechanical vehicles etc...but still decide on a creature mount.
Green dots denotes selected ideas for further considerations
Lineart for 'Dragnought' + orthographic views
Painting, but seems not up to standard yet... Haiz ...
 More to come (maybe)...

Air Glider

Just painting prac.... Did not plan much... Haiz.
Just wanna piss someone off...LOL

7Guys Weekly Theme - Book Cover

Now the 7Guys challenge is to create a book cover using last challenge's design.
Here's my thumbnails:
Blue area indicates text area
Here is the painted one. I have decided to post my painting progress as well in hope that experts may correct my painting mistakes....
I know the placement of book title looks...lame...oh well..
Another update w/ suggestions
Suggestions are greatly appreciated.