Robot inspired by Ben's theme: Fighting Automatron... but from Italy~!

Practice from reading "The New Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain"

Found my old practice drawings while reading Betty Edward's "The New Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain"... Some are pretty funny while some are nice, esp. portraits of myself (ahem :D)... Wonder how I can do that 2 years back, don't think I can do that now...

Book list

It has been less than 2 years and my shelf is stuffed with reference books and art books... Before my days at FZD, I dun really have much books, max 10... but now, 1 shelf is occupied, onward!

Building Pixel Art

Thumbnail Stage
Final Version

Recent Artbooks

Read 2 art books that I bought recently:
  • The Art of Alice: Madness Returns - A bit disappointed... with most of the environmental concept being really 'conceptual'... not much stuff to see, although a few nice pieces... Surprisingly that most of the designers are chinese where I originally thought all are ang mohs...

Imperial Ship

Long time since I use textures, but the china building really giving me a hard time... then might as well use some more. These are referenced from my previous designs...the airship looks kinda.... weird???

Beach + Explorer

Much much more space for improvement

Paint from Photos

Just do more practice (-_-!)

Recent Books/movies

A list of what I have been reading/ watching:
From left:
  • [Book] Color and Light by James Gurney - Great book from a great artist
  • [Book] Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell - Presents some statistics about being success...
  • [Movie] Soylent Green, 1973 - Movie whereby resources are depleting by the 2022, there's even a scene where they just load people in rubbish truck-like trucks... probably used for anti-riots.
  • [Book] Getting Things Done by David Allen - haven't read past the 1st page...

Troll Movie inspired Value Quickie

The creature needs more work...

Odin Sphere Fan Art: Gwendolyn

Trying out to do a fan art

Creatures from movie

Following screenshots were taken from a japanese movie: 牙狼 ~RED REQUIEM ( Garo the Movie: Red Requiem ). It's not a nice movie, but just looking out for the design aspect... Click to enlarge.
Interesting design with a executioner's chopping board at the front
More of a typical Japanese evil monster design

Lion Head Graphic

Lion head for fren

Dragon + Summoner

Need more practice...

Steve Jobs & Apple

Steve Jobs,
Nice of you to bring about so many great products. Hope I could be someone like you. This caricature is for you.

Thank you & bye~.

Steve Jobs is gone and my iMac is going too, while my 6 yr-old ipod nano is still going strong...  I'll probably never get an iMac again...

Apple products are great but recently I feel they are getting worse... Anyway, in time we'll see.

Giant Mecha Value Quickie

Value Quickie

Dragon + Knight

Edited dragon's eyes