Value Painting From Life

These are some value painting for practice which I seriously need. The source images are referenced from various artists from DeviantArt whom I forgot to take note... oh well...

Scavenger Character

Testing to paint a character directly:

Nocturne Environment

Nocturne environment. Comments are welcome.

Snow Battle

Trying to get back the feeling of painting something...

Props Silhouettes Exploration

All these are drawn while watching shows. Comments?

Callouts for Enforcer design

Call outs for previous Enforcer design

MS Girl

Attempt my version of MS girl - Girl in Mobile Suit armor, using previous suit design: Claw-II.
Well... maybe needa do a few more to have that feel...

Character Illustration

An illustration with Kuromi for someone's special day~! Hope she really likes it!

Manga/ Comics

The task was to create 2 comics strips of 2 different styles: Anime(Manga) & Marvel. This is pretty challenging as I have never done it before and that 1 page of comics comprises of several stuff: story, characters, settings, angle, color, mood, dialogue etc.


I have absolutely no idea about the story, so I made it up as I go along, using a cat & a dog as the main characters:
  • Dog: Hero of the comics forced to work with Cat, dressed in orange jumpsuit(?), suggests technically sounded dude. Origami rod as weapon & head gear
  • Cat: Of royal blood, needs Dog to do bidding. Equipment primarily comprises of the crown & gingerbread man backpack
  • Robot: 3rd character with design from the 80's. Huge size but timid.

I almost puke with these characters, cos probably I have little experience in doing so.. These took me some time although they look simple enough... Picking colors is an major issue for me too.

Just a short story about some guy running away from a few enforcers. The enforcer design is taken from my previous project (the one on the right). Please do leave your comments for anything, thanks!