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The task was to create 2 comics strips of 2 different styles: Anime(Manga) & Marvel. This is pretty challenging as I have never done it before and that 1 page of comics comprises of several stuff: story, characters, settings, angle, color, mood, dialogue etc.


I have absolutely no idea about the story, so I made it up as I go along, using a cat & a dog as the main characters:
  • Dog: Hero of the comics forced to work with Cat, dressed in orange jumpsuit(?), suggests technically sounded dude. Origami rod as weapon & head gear
  • Cat: Of royal blood, needs Dog to do bidding. Equipment primarily comprises of the crown & gingerbread man backpack
  • Robot: 3rd character with design from the 80's. Huge size but timid.

I almost puke with these characters, cos probably I have little experience in doing so.. These took me some time although they look simple enough... Picking colors is an major issue for me too.

Just a short story about some guy running away from a few enforcers. The enforcer design is taken from my previous project (the one on the right). Please do leave your comments for anything, thanks!

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