Face painting

Face painting practice [No reference/ Self picked colors]: Bad/ OK/ Good?
Open for comments.


  1. hi there, I hope you dont mind noobie me commenting..

    I think you will need to work on your facial features.. for the top left (frontal) usually eyes will not open so big.. now it seems like she is staring intently at the audience.. when I draw frontal I like to relax the face (esp. the eyes) a bit by adding the eye lid.. I think its also a human psychology, we feel uncomfortable when being stared.. and I also feel like the right cheek is kinda flat. I suggest to draw a sphere there to see the shape it supposed to take. I am not sure what about your face reference but currently I feel the nose feels weird.. because the nose seems to be slanting up (when seen from side view and the mouth part seems very stiff. Try to relax it a bit and add a bit more shadow at the two ends of the mouth, usually its darker because its curving into the inside. Hair wise i think can be made more natural by slightly blending the highlight to the darker part more. also since the bg is blue.. maybe can add slight tint of blue to the face.. to make it more realistic :) since we do haf blood vessels under our skin, adding green into the red tones also can help to create more interest.

    3/4- i think the shadow for the cheek is kinda too strong, making it seems her cheek to be jutting out a lot. and the wrinkles around her eyes is too much and the shadow too deep, making her looks older. The construction of the nose to the face also looks undefined (the side) but I feel your painting here is better :) also take care of the hair on the forehead.. now it looks like she has a bit of buzz cut :o

    regarding the black and white I feel like the eyes is a bit too big. usually distance between eyes are 1 eye. and I feel the crease ontop of the mouth is too deep, when I paint I always try to think how it looks like in side view (curvature) It helps to define how strong the shadow should be. Erm and the right hand side of the face looks off, the cheek loses its curvature.. and based on the light direction, I believe the face should cast shadow onto the bandana..

    Thats all... I hope it helps..! >_<

  2. Oh, feel free to comment on my blog too :) just shoot away!


  3. Hey thanks for the comments...

    All those above are done w/o any reference actually. The main objective is to familiarize painting from scratch, just that the topic is on faces.

    Say, do I know u? Clearly the work on your blog looks like they're from somewhere I've been to... :)

  4. Haha yea.. I'm ur junior in fzd :) the name is Anastasia Christina masoen : D I'm in ur fb too lol :))