7Guys Weekly Theme - Undead Sword Saint

Revived weekly theme at the 7guys blog: Undead Sword Saint

Basic ideas of this challenge:
  1. The use of flesh from other bodies/ infected (somehow) for some use.
  2. Rotten flesh, maggots, parasites, blood, bones, reveal of internal organs, skeletons, torn clothing/ armor, protruding ribs.
I had the idea of adding a parasite the feeds on blood/ flesh on the character... maybe I will implement it later :)

Sword Saint
  1. Obsession with swords/ skilled sword user
 My characters are drawn 'blind-folded' by headgear or cloth to suggest that they fight with other senses, looking for a challenge. They also collect swords and keep them in their flesh.

Silhouettes exploration

Line Art
Painting WIP
Painting WIP2

Version 2 (13th Silhouette), drawn on bus w/ lame render:

Comments appreciated.

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