Screenshots: Skyrim

Been adventuring in Skyrim for the past few days... Got a few screenshots of some of the designs ( unclear, taken with my handphone, ran on the crappy laptop), well... who plays game w/o looking at the cool designs :)
[Images are big in size, wait a while to load]
[1] Paarthurnax   [2-3] Typical Dragon   [4-5] Dragon 'Shrines'   [6] Sky Haven Temple   [7-8] Markarth City   
[9] Dragon Bone Bridge   

[All] Dwarven dungeon in Mzult, I like it!

[1-4] Mzult Environment   [5] Enemy dispenser   [6] Lighting   [7] Chest

Overall the game more or less still follows the 'formula' from Oblivion, but less repetitive and much more interesting. However, I like the designs in Skyrim, would love to get my hands on the art book, but it's kinda expensive... Anyone deciding to sell the art book may contact me :)

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