Question: Smart Learning...How?

I do not know why I drew all these as well...
My first post not to post some work and actually ask a question: How to learn things the smart way? This is not a post to list the different ways of learning things, but to ask you what & how do you define learning things smartly. I have been told learning smartly is to learn with the objectives in mind... but how? Any examples? Or that the smartest way to learn is to practice more? 

I would hope to get some input thru the post comments (If you have read up to this sentence, please make a point to leave a comment on this topic, thanks), be it personal opinion or that you feel this post is ridiculously retarded...

 I guess that you might see this post first on the posts listings, take up to a minute to think first, then leave your comments.

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  1. Personally, I go for constant practice. You enhance on your skills and improve it further as you practice more. Just my two cents worth of thoughts :) ~Choo